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I would like to take a final moment to thank Professor Al Filreis of the University of Pennsylvania and his TA’s for putting on a terrific course in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry at Coursera.    ModPo was far more rigorous and challenging than I expected, and it proved just the thing I needed to get past a three year long writer’s block.  I also met some great writers, some of whom are following this blog (and I’m following theirs).

This blog is a direct result of the influence of ModPo, and was created in hope of  developing a community interested in the serious (but fun!) study and practice of poetry.

Al, I can’t possibly thank you enough, but I will do my best to do you proud.  I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to be your student once again.  Until then, I will dwell in Possibility.

See you at the Kelly Writer’s House when I have a chance to make the pilgrimage to Philly.