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Don and Pam Means, Christmas 2008

for Don Means

By-Gawd West Virginia. Daddy went away. On the Ridge. Why won’t Daddy get out of the car? Oil company- must be rich. Good sex. I don’t appreciate it. Bucs. American Dogs. John Lynch came in here. Train Dancer. Pyramids. Pass-A-Grille. Trixie. Fan interference- Cubs lose again. All-natural. Arsenic. Love Shack. You gave me my Dad back. Iwo Jima. They used urine to keep the machine guns from overheating. Foxhole on the beach. Mortar. They’re dead. California. Shell shock. Dad would only tell the story when he was drunk. Broken collarbone. Wire broke free. Ready to go for the Bay of Pigs. We won’t evacuate. It’s just a tropical storm. Almond butter. Vegetarian. Swollen cheeks. Indolent. Beepa. Lost our fathers. Convenience stores. Ocala. Marion. Stetson Law. Publix. Flea market. Dream. Chemo. Hospice won’t feed you. VA. Marilyn Monroe. Mars Attacks. Hundreds of DVD’s. Easter eggs in the mail. Love you. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Music Choice. Biscuits and gravy. Don Cesar. Fort DeSoto. Partners. Pressing on the airway. Didn’t know if I would wake up in the morning. Chicago dogs with sport peppers for the rehearsal dinner. Pictures on the wall. Watch out for the knick-knacks. Christmas morning. Running in the rain. 13 hours on the train. She’s terrified. Has it been that long? Ensure. It’s time.