Peggy is a colleague of mine for whom I have the deepest respect. Although her post is outside the scope of my blog (experimental writing and creativity) this deserves to be shared as widely as possible.

Peggy and I have both spent today helping people process the horrors of the Newtown shootings. It’s what we do, doing first aid on those burned by Moloch.

Spirit Scraps

grievingLike many of you, the shootings in Newtown, CT have stirred lots of feelings… horror, anger, deep grief. I’ve thought of my niece who teaches in a school. I’ve thought of my great nephew who is almost six and proudly in kindergarten. I’ve thought about Christmas presents that will never be given and stockings that will never be explored. I’ve thought about my friends who have buried their children, for no matter the age of the child it is always an unnatural act. I’ve been angry at how easy it is to get a gun and how hard it is to get help for mental illness.

And I’ve thought about evil.

As I write, we know little of the shooter and so I cannot say he is evil, as easy as that would be to do. We do not know if wires were short-circuited in his brain or demons lay…

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