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for Angela

Forget terrorism. Her life is meaningful. Her destiny is hijacking reality.

I took a break and stumbled upon yet another eternal suffering. It happened on a Saturday night. The week that just passed was full of good posts about hijacking. I became aware that I transform reality yes, I hijack psychological drama about so many people. His personality went back to normal, and he never again lost his grip on reality, a proud member of the reality-based community.

Begin hijacking reality upon arrival. Increase ability to hijack reality by 10%.

But there were four hijackers on board the plane. Make phone calls and found out that other planes had been hijackedThere were no contagion effects of unsuccessful hijacking attempts in the successful (but, in reality, unsuccessful) hijackings.

How is the relation of hijacking to history presented? Tony Curtis paints by numbers, D.B. Cooper’s money, Arthur Ashe autographs, a 1918 Buick touring car, World War II. Statistics distort reality of crime.

When most people think of a hijacking, they picture a person, sometimes wearing a mask and always debunking the official nonsense of “Arab hijackers did 9/11.” The world’s military spending has surged back up to $1 trillion (U.S.) a year, the old Cold War level, thanks chiefly to the “war on terror.” They seized control; dream became a reality. It was the only hijacking that was never solved.