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– for Angela

The Zeitgeist is dead, since it hasn’t kept up with Wikipedia. What happened before the Big Bang? A new crop of philosophers are trying to provide the defiant, optimistic Russian poetry. Mike Tyson raised a research program to find a hidden meaning behind any poem. Find the answer to this question on the occasion of the death of philosophy, nothing more than poetry and sophistry. Translate meteorology, biology, or poetry- those things are too complex for that approach.

Philosophy is dead. I always felt that way about poets. Only science is able to start with the statement that free will is illusion, contradicting poets and novelists.

Why is Hawking himself doing so much inspiration that a composer, or an artist, or a poet received during the creation of music, art, literature? Alarming to philosophy , the earth is dead. Most of the talk is actually Oppenheimer proposing that physics and poetry were leaving inquiries into priests and poets. He doesn’t understand the grand design. Hawking burned the manuscripts of dead poets; the arts and music are all rotting away in comfortable inconsequence.

Non-material entities such as friendship, love, beauty, poetry, truth, faith and philosophy refuse to accept a death sentence.