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No, really, it’s a good movie.  They say it’s one of the greatest movies ever made.  No, it’s not scary.  It’s a World War II movie but you don’t see the war.  No, it’s a thriller and a romance.  It’s a spy movie.  Yes, it’s black and white.  They didn’t make many color movies back then.  Yes, that is Africa.  Casablanca is in Morocco.  No, not Madagascar, Morocco. That’s in North Africa.  No, see, everybody’s trying to leave Casablanca.  People trying to escape the war in Europe came to Casablanca trying to get out to America.  Yes, those are bad guys- they work for the Nazis.  Morocco was French, and France was controlled by the Nazis, so the Nazis controlled Casablanca too.  Yes, that guy was a spy.  See those papers he had in his shoe?  Yes, those are exit visas.  Those are the papers you need to leave Casablanca.  Everybody wants them.  Yes, that’s Rick’s.  It’s like the Star Wars cantina- everybody in there is looking for trouble.  No, gambling, buying papers, that kind of thing.  Yes, that’s Rick.  No, that was Harrison Ford, this is Bogey.  Harrison Ford was probably just a baby when this was made.  No, he’s not a happy guy.  Just watch, you’ll see why.  No, that’s the police chief.  He’s a crooked guy but he is Rick’s friend- but his boss is a Nazi.  Yes, she’s beautiful.  Watch- you’ll see who she is.  No, Sam doesn’t look happy to see her.  Wonder why?  No, this is a flashback.  See how they’re in love?  Yes, I agree, Bogey looks a little stiff; it’s hard to feel like he’s in love, he reminds me of your grandfather.  No, they didn’t smoke that much back then.  The tobacco companies paid to get movie stars to smoke on screen.  No, that’s not French, that’s German.  The Nazis are rolling into France.  No, this is still a flashback- this is 1940.  Rick is in Casablanca two years later.  No, we don’t know why she didn’t get on the train.  What do you think happened?  Yes, Rick has the letters.  You saw him hide them, remember?  No, everybody wants them so they can get out of Casablanca.  Yes, Ilsa is married to Laszlo.  That’s why she couldn’t leave France with him.  No, Rick’s hurt, and mad, and got his heart broke but he still loves her.  Yes, those guys are singing in German, but everybody else is singing French.  That’s La Marseillaise, the free French national anthem; this is World War II playing out here in the bar.  No, she’s really not going to shoot him.  She just wants the papers to save her husband.  Yes, the Nazis are after him because he’s a spy.  No, they want to take him away to the camps.  The camps were terrible places.  Yes, he’s going to run away with her because he still loves her.  They’re going to use the papers he has.  No, Rick’s not going- he loves her too much, and believes in her fight against the Nazis.  He’s arranged it so she and her husband can get away.  No, he shot Strasser because he was going to get Rick sent to the camps.  But now he’s sure to go because he murdered an SS officer.   No, his friend the police chief is going to let him off the hook, and they’re going to run away together.  It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.