I thought I’d drop a quick post just to let you know what I’m up to.  I’ve not had much time or energy to devote to this project because of several things going on:

– I am currently taking two classes at Coursera.com: Songwriting and Introduction to Music Design.  I probably won’t be able to complete both, though I’ll hang in as long as I can- and #1 priority here is on the songwriting class.  This has really got my creative qi bubbling, though I have not had the opportunity to sit down with the guitar and see what comes yet.  I have had some ideas I hope to develop further, including finding music for lyrics written by Modpo vet Mark Herron.  Stay tuned.

–  A lot of time and energy has gone into music – not the noisy sound design stuff I posted to Soundcloud but real, honest music with real instruments.  First, our orchestra performs next weekend.  Second, I will be playing a duet with a clarinetist at an upcoming arts festival (Benny Goodman jazz), and I just got the music for that to review.   Finally, I was recently asked to play bass in the orchestra pit in a local high school’s production of Seussical an invitation I gladly accepted.  The musical is a lot of work (140 pages), so it’s taking some time to go over it, though it’s not too difficult- just lots of wicked key changes like any musical.  It’s given me a chance to get reacquainted with my bass guitar, which I had not been playing in favor of the double bass orchestra stuff, which has been great fun.  I hope to record some Bach in the coming days and weeks.  Stay tuned. 

I’m hoping to do some creative work this weekend to share with you.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I’ll see you soon.