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An ambient aleatoric intuitive composition soundscape created by me.

I needed to cut loose after a terrible dress rehearsal tonight with the orchestra.  I was like a pitcher who can’t find the plate and gave up a 5-0 lead in the first inning.  I expected Reinette, the principal bassist, to come out to the mound and send me to the showers- but she’s too kind for that.

It is so frustrating having expectations so much higher than your actual ability on a difficult instrument.  With the double bass, I have to struggle with every bit of minutiae, since I’m a beginner and because it is so difficult to play, especially being self-taught.  The bass guitar comes naturally- I can ask “what can I do to use this creatively?”  Nowhere near that on the double bass yet, and it’s frustrating.

By the way, if you’re in the neighborhood, our concerts are at the Grace Chapel Church on Highway 1 in Tramway (Sanford), NC on Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 3 pm.  Admission is free.  C’mon by if you’re not doing anything.