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the cops are hanging around a lemonade stand

how much does it cost?

these were major bombs with a potential for a lot of damage

the good guys have to prevail every day

they haven’t won the battle but they were successful, sadly

did you see the still photo of the man on the roof on Boylston Street?

the FBI is looking for help from the public

another road, and maybe I suddenly see you

did I tell you I need you?

you can’t lock it down

bundling your auto insurance can save you tons

they recovered black nylon, a circuit board, ball bearings, and nails

dump your old duster, who’s that lady?

how can you say you’re in love with her?

so much for me having grandchildren.

ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive

now, a special report on the tribal casino

Massachussetts can’t afford to lose thousands

it just doesn’t make sense

since 9/11 we’re on another pattern of crime

I was at the Sox game the day before

this is continuing coverage, we will get to the bottom of this

can government really keep you safe?

we were shocked, but were you surprised?

this was an atrocity, a murderous act

I had to see something beautiful

it’s the last dance, last dance tonight

We’ll be back after this.