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Who are you? 

What do you want? 

What message are you trying to send? 

Why are you so afraid that you don’t come out and claim responsibility? 

What were you hoping to accomplish? 

Why the Boston Marathon? 

What could possibly be worth killing children over?  

Did you hesitate, even for a moment?

What’s your point? 

Do you even have a point? 

Why spectators, not the elites or the politicians? 

What could possibly be worth it to you for innocent children to suffer amputations? 

For innocent children to die? 

Did your cowardice prevent you from wearing a suicide vest?

Does it make you feel like a man late at night blowing the legs off of helpless children? 

Does it make that scared, weak, rotting core inside you feel strong (for just a moment) to push the button?

Do you think I fear you when you hide behind pressure cookers, ball bearings, and nails?