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butterfly one

By Kenneth Justice

(In light of the heart-wrenching events in Boston yesterday I’m putting on hold my follow-up article to yesterday’s topic of lifetime love).

Whenever a tragedy occurs like yesterday, you are certain to know the headlines the following day;

Tragedy Strikes —-“, “Shooting in —-“, and “Massacre at —” are all popular taglines that we humans have come to terms with as a sad, but realistic element of the human experience we call living in a society.

Another sad element of society are the people who try to capitalize on tragedy, and no, I’m not talking about the media, there are already enough articles on the media’s obsession with bad news.

I’m talking about the people who take bombings, airplanes flying into buildings, and psychopathic gun shooters and try to turn those stories into a way to push their agenda.

Yesterday the Twitter…

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