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Sorry I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been swamped at work, and I just started *three* courses at Coursera.  (Yes, I’m insane.  I don’t expect to finish all three).  I am taking Introduction to Improvisation, Introduction to Guitar (I don’t really need it, but I am self-taught, and you never know what tidbits I’ll find that I never learned way back when), and Introduction to Interactive Programming with Python.

This last one was on a lark.  When I was a kid I was a hell of a programmer.  I was writing my own video games at age 12.  However, I stopped doing it, and my programming knowledge dates back to 1987- the stone age.  (I wrote games for VAX computers and for a TI 99/4A.  Yes, I’m that old.)  I have never programmed in a Windows environment.  What stimulated me was hearing a colleague’s data-driven music composition written using Python to program a synthesizer.  It is amazing work, and I was hooked.  I want in.

Last week I had a piece of music I was very happy with that I planned to post here.  It was a collaboration with a Coursera songwriting classmate.  I filled out her bare-bones arrangement of her song with bass and lead guitar, and did significant production and post-production work.  I was very pleased with what we did, but she *hated* it (I think perhaps I hear something in her song that she can’t- it’s too personal), so out of respect to her and her intellectual property rights, I’m afraid that piece won’t see the light of day.

By the way:  since when does WordPress create default titles?