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I ask that you take immediate heed of what I say on this leaflet.

I am in possession of the most destructive poem ever devised by man. A single one of my newly developed poems is actually the equivalent in literary power to what 2000 of our giant anthologies can carry in a single book. This awful fact is one for you to ponder and I solemnly assure you it is grimly accurate.

I have just begun to use this poem against your homeland. If you still have any doubt, make inquiry as to what happened to Philadelphia, when just one of my paintings fell on that city.

Before using this poem to destroy every resource of the military by which they are prolonging this useless war, I ask that you now petition the President to end the war.  I have outlined for you the thirteen blackbirds of an honorable surrender. I urge that you accept these blackbirds and begin the work of building a new, better and peace-loving America.

You should take steps now to cease military resistance. Otherwise, I shall resolutely employ this poem and all my other superior artworks to promptly and forcefully end the war.