Patent No. 2,124,022


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by Arthur J. Alberts and Mark P. Snyder

This invention relates
to the production
of jects and
advantages will appear
from the deheaded bolt
and similar articles, and
has to do with a
machine for
producing such

It is the present
practice in producing
headed bolt
to cut the wire
or stock in
appropriate lengths,
form upon one end of the
thus produced
a substantially cylindrical
of the proper thickness
and diameter for
producing a desired

these operations being
performed in a heading
after which the
is passed through
a trimming
which trims the
substantially cylindrical
to the final
size and shape
of the desired

Under the present
practice referred
to, the use of a heading
and a trimming
is necessary.

My invention is directed
to the provision of
means whereby the
and trimming
operations are
in one
thus eliminating the use of
a separate trimming
with corresponding
reduced cost of production,
an important consideration
in this art.

The method of
operation of my
upsetting an end
portion of a
and simultaneously partially
forming thereupon
a head of
the desired shape
and size, forming
the remainder of the
portion to
the desired shape
and size
of the
thus completing the
with a relatively thin
fin of
extending about the
between the inner
and the outer
faces thereof,
the end
portion of a second
blank while inserting the
of the first
into a trimming
die, and
driving the
of the first
through the trimming
trimming off
the fin of
metal, thus completing the
of the first
blank, while
forming the
of the second
to the desired
size and shape.

The machine comprises
means whereby
the successive
steps the operation are
performed in proper
sequence such that during the
and partial
forming of the
on a second
a first
upon which a
with a fin of
extending thereabout
has previously been
is inserted
into the trimming
this first
being forced through the trimming
during the succeeding step
of completing
the formation of the
upon the second
which is conducive to
high speed operation
with resulting
increased output
of the


New book now available: EPITAPH 

My new book, EPITAPH, is now available.

It can be found on Amazon in paperback or Kindle here:

It can also be found as a free e-book on Smashwords here:

This is what I’ve been up to for the last three months. I began writing this long-form conceptualist poem the day my father died (January 18, 2014) to mark his passing.

I hope you enjoy the book.

Excerpt from Epitaph


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An except from Epitaph, a conceptualist long poem I am writing to mark the death of my father last week. I expect it will take me 8-10 weeks to finish the first draft of the manuscript.


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My second album, Requiem, will be released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and many other sites on February 13. 

The album is a secular conceptualist setting of the Mass.  It consists of seven movements: 

– Kyrie
– Gloria
– Credo
– Sanctus
– Benedictus
– Agnus Dei
– Dona Nobis

The Kyrie movemebt can be heard here.

The work is dedicated to my father and grandfather.

Canto I



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To Walter Lux


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i watched you die
on a feverish memorial
Friday afternoon
Tom and Jerry
told me to stand by
for a special bulletin

right now flight 191 American Airlines is just smoldering ruins rescue crews are seemingly unable to get very close to that wreckage it departed O’Hare Field around 3:15 today we still know nothing about why the plane crashed we do know that it lost an engine but that normally doesn’t mean the plane will crash many rescue crews leaving the area more coming in fighting rush hour traffic to get there just an unbelievable sight hundreds of people hundreds of people milling around wishing that they could help wanting to help I’m sure but the heat is so intense from the smoldering wreckage it’s almost impossible to get close to some of the areas of the plane that are left we’re reporting this afternoon on the worst commercial air disaster in United States commercial aviation history at O’Hare Field Flight 191 American Airlines bound for Los Angeles the account of possible disaster victims ranges from 263 to 279 some as high as 290 Hugh Hill is now in position at O’Hare Field to give us our first direct on-the scenes report Hugh standing at the oasis of the toll road overlooking the scene of this crash there are no survivors no survivors and I asked everybody I could find now I have just returned from a complete tour I walked completely around it and inside to try and look at the debris well there’s not much left a few pieces of metal here and there indications of the fuselage perhaps or the tail so it was a complete disintegration and from what we heard earlier it was a ball of fire shot into the air after the plane exploded other than those three injuries on the ground were there any possible injuries all of the fatalities we have right now are the fatalities that were on the plane it was flight 191 three on the ground in the trailer park thats the only injuries we have assessed right now yes that’s correct Mayor Byrne and Commissioner Albright at the scene of the plane disaster right behind us over in this area Tom if you can pan over there’s really not much to see in terms of what you might expect in seeing the debris of an airplane that is just hunks and pieces although on the far side there is an engine over in that area it appears to have been burned as well Commissioner Albright as he just reported indicated it had left the airplane separated from the aircraft before the airplane plowed into the ground and it literally did plow into the ground there is a rather deep furrow when we arrrived here the flames were coming up from the ground actually it’s probably 2 or 3 feet deep where the plane simply nosed in and tore up the earth and came to rest in a jumble of pieces


Do you want to come back and to what runway?


forever suspended
300 feet 112 degrees
banked left
bleeding hydraulics
in the hands
of Jim Tillman



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My new  experimental album of experimental music, Necessary Evil, is now available via iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, and other services.  I hope you enjoy it!


Available here at Amazon.  


Please be aware that there’s another guy out there with the same name as me who has published dance mixes.  Those were made by somebody else, not me.  


Sonnet 2


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But what’s the point of writing pretty words?
A poem never fed a hungry kid
The poem on the page that’s left unheard
Won’t take away the damage others did
The garbage has to be still taken out
The laundry room is looking like a mess
The tiles in the bathroom crumbling grout
And poems won’t do anything for stress
This foolishness is just a waste of time
You’re better off just getting back to work
And giving up your thoughts of making rhyme
Forget about all this acting like a jerk
The Catcher in the Rye had showed the way
So Lennon had to feel the price to pay