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– for A.

Shown to be driven by greed and a love for overdose,
Greedy perhaps, this item is no longer available.
One of the oldest and most venerated scams,
I administered the goop myself, quick-fix hegemony.
She was ritually sacrificed to Moloch,
found dead in her apartment from a drug overdose.

We are controlled.
There is no free will.
The combination of drugs taken caused the death:
partying, getting drunk, more sex, promiscuity, back stabbing, greed.

The Moloch Game is the deadliest of all games,
played for “glory” or for commercialism,
the greed of a peaceful death,
the same hunger, humiliation, ignorance, vice, greed, extortion, chicanery.

Like Moloch said, we’re violence-wracked and polluted by chemical greed.
No one has ever died from an overdose of prescription painkillers,
and in overdose they are particularly dangerous
because they tend to burn greedy doctors.

Insatiable greed planned to continue even after her death.
We have all seen this often and see well where greed destroys,
naked and lifeless on the toilet,
dead symbol for the Canaanite deity Moloch,
to whom children were to fill the void
where their soul should be
with prescriptions until they overdose.

Devastating, devastating corruption and greedy medical orgies,
waking up naked in a hospital morgue.

She was found dead of an overdose the next morning.